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SLEEEP by Space is Ltd

SLEEEP by Space is Ltd

Red Dot Design Awards 18’

Our partner Vincent Lau, lead the development of reservation systems and IoT integrations of the award winning sleeping pod, during his time with Space is Ltd.

SLEEEP is a capsule hotel in Central, Hong Kong. It is a space for people to recharge in this city that never sleeps.

Being CTO=the Tech Guy, Vincent’s work is to make technologies creating the experience, replacing friction with warmth. Booking app - EXP to reserve your next sleeping timeslot right away. QR Code as key to entry, with your SLPer(capsule) & locker then welcoming you with blinks. Slowly glowing light as alarm to adjust you from your sleep cycles.

WebApp #Angular #NodeJS #PostgresSQL #AWS

IoT #AWS Lambda #NodeJS #Philips Hue/Raspberry Pi for IoT