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Why employ tech-lead as a service to grow together instead of just outsourcing?

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We are a team of ex-startup founders & tech-leads, who understand both the power of technology and trade-offs to make in fast paced startups or innovative projects.

We are on a mission to democratize great Product engineering, Data science and Agile culture for entrepreneurs to build their products and dreams, building with open source technologies and a knowledge- sharing community.

We only work with clients and projects that are making a difference, at various stages in their journey from seed to IPO.


Your Rocket startup or project
needs a Rocket Engine.

    We’ve been through it.

    After sweats and tears, your startup is taking off,

    but then stuck at technical execution.

    Next round of funding is ticking.

    You need experienced and competent Tech-Lead who understand your business and walk the talk.


Typical Vendors

  • They prioritize other clients, risking project completion and don’t understand startup needs.
  • Core expertise is loss and your product becomes a black box to you. Investors show doubts.
  • Your budget is spent on their sales and middle management.

Pedia Lab

  • We’re experienced startup founders and tech-lead that you can count on, committed to work with your team.
  • Day to day you gain insights in technology related to your product and stay on top of the game.
  • Your budget spent investing in technology at your company.

*Budget in USD

Tech Lead as a Service

  • Don’t let poor execution get in your way.
  • Our tech-lead work closely with your team on architecture, coaching to provide you with hard-earned battlefield experiences.
  • Grow with you your team, delegate non-core work and serve both short-term and long-term need.

Typical Project Scopes

Team up

8-64 hrs/month

  • Architecture Audit
  • Strategy Meetings
  • Team Coaching
  • Office Hours
  • Partnership Meetings
Developer Support


  • Architecture Demo
  • QA-as-a-Service
  • Browser testing
  • k8s/CICD setup
  • Code Review
Project Delivery


  • Mobile Apps
  • Ecommerce
  • BI Analytics Tools
  • Chatbots
  • Data Engineering

*Budget in USD

Team up withTech-Lead in a nutshell



Lower overall development cost & risk by applying right architecture for the job, from our battlefield experience

Recruitment & Coaching

Recruitment & Coaching

Recruitment is hard. We help to identify, interview and coach talents that fit your team culture.

Strategy & Partnership Meetings

Strategy & Partnership Meetings

From investor meetings, strategic planning to vendor or partnership meetings, we provide you the technical advice you needed on the spot.

Developer Support

Our team readily provide your team support in these areas which have steep learning curve and time consuming.


QA-as-a-Service & Browser Automation Testing

Both Manual + Auto to address resources gap during testing testing automations


Infrastructure setup for Kubernetes, with tools like Terraform

Bridge gap in infra upgrade by complementing expertise in infrastructure

*Budget in USD


Vincent Lau

Vincent Lau


Keung Ho

Keung Ho


Roger Ho

Roger Ho


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Remote + On-site Supported

Our team is located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Hanoi. Experienced UX & Product Designers, Senior Backend Developers, Site Reliability Engineers are ready to work on your project.

*Budget in USD

Case Studies

Project Phrases

  1. Project Start

    Requirements & strategy discussions with founders or project leads.

  2. Weekly Coworking

    Weekly meetings and office hours to team up and provide coaching, architecture review & identify improvement areas

  3. Weekly Dev Support

    Offload chores work like testing/ infrastructure and boost productivity of your developers

  4. Building your team

    Recruit & Train up the team and develop expertise


Jake Choi

Chief of Product, Spaceship

“Vincent’s strong technical skills together with his business sense take us to next level. His experience in startup saved us a huge amount of time and he always provide us both insights and actions.”

Fung Ng

Chief Architect, Head of Process & Control at AIA

“Vincent is proactive at work and passionate in technology. Eager to learn, pick up things with great pace and always bring new technologies to the team.”

Jun Liao

Co-founder + CEO at X₀ Ltd, creator of SLEEEP

“Vincent displayed deep subject expertise, excellent problem solving skills, attention to detail and holistic thinking all-in-one. He consistently provides well reasoned recommendations for software architecture that not only solves technical challenges with long-term maintainability in mind, but also puts equal weight on business needs as well as quality user experience.“

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